Sweet Baby James - Philadelphia Newborn Photographer

After my daughter, I never thought I'd have baby fever again. And then we got rid of our high chair, and I could feel the familiar longing for a tiny baby I've felt so many other times in my life. My baby girl is walking, and finally saying some words (dada, mama, cheese - she's definitely ours), and it feels like overnight my teeny 6lb 11oz baby became a 19lb toddler. Thankfully, I got to snuggle little baby James last week while doing his photo session. Babies are infinitely more amazing when you get to give them back after a few hours! James was so good the whole time. Here are a few from the session that I know will fuel anyone with baby fever right now- enjoy!


The Linnemans - Philadelphia Family Photographer

Oh gosh. 

If you follow me on Instagram, chances are pretty high you've seen me loading up my feed with this little guy. Benjamin is such a sweet, happy FLIRT. And I'm sorry, there is something about a toddler in an old man sweater that gets me every time!

We took photos on a very rainy January afternoon right at Independence Hall in Philadelphia. Benjamin had a blast, and mom and dad did great despite the terrible weather! Thank you Brittan, Steve and Benjamin for trusting me to capture your beautiful family! 

Stella & Nina - Philadelphia Family Photographer

On one of the last beautiful fall evenings of 2017, I headed to Fort Washington State Park to meet up with Marisa and her two girls, Stella and Nina to get pictures of them together. Despite their age difference, the love between these two is SO so evident, and capturing them was almost too easy! My heart just swelled watching them together, and it was all made more perfect by the beautiful sunlight and weather! Here are a few of my favorite photos from the session, I hope you enjoy :)


The Miller Family. Philadelphia Lifestyle Family Photographer

I met Samantha, Jessie, and little Quinn down at Wissahickon Valley Park to take their photos. I could not get over how adorable Quinn is. He's a serious guy, but being an 18-month-old is pretty serious business. :) About halfway through the session one of us had asked where the other was from, and it turns out we all live down the street from each other! AND, have the same realtor (Diane Reddington, by the way...just in case you're in search of one)! Of course the weather had just started to get cooler after our session together so I have yet to see them around the neighborhood, but I'm sure as soon as spring hits we'll be running into each other. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to photograph your beautiful family! 

The Hutches Family. Doylestown Family Photographer

I had so many fantastic fall photography sessions this year, and the Hutches family was no exception to that. I met Katie, Jason and Harper at the Churchville Nature Center one Sunday and we walked all over the grounds snapping pictures along the way. Katie and I have been friends for a while, so I know Harper's a super happy baby, but she was not sure about me and my camera. We had some creative things going on behind the lens to get her smiling, and it was worth every second. She is precious!