Gramma Turns 80 - Horsham Family Photographer

My Gramma turned 80 this past April. She has been my special person since the very beginning of my life. She and my Grampa, who's watching over us somewhere out there in the afterlife. Much of my childhood was spent at her home, sleeping over, watching Riverdance in the living room on those god-awful pink carpets. My cousin Emma and I used to go upstairs to her room and play with her scarf collection. When I was REALLY young I used to beg her to do her dishes, which is super weird, haha. I always slept in her bed right next to her. I told her stories about school and loved hearing all her stories about growing up and also her stories about her and my Grampa. Before he died, we would stay up late in their kitchen playing parcheesi and eating Triscuits. Two things she always had on hand when she knew I was coming over were Triscuits and maraschino cherries. I've been blessed to have her be such a large part of my life. She's seen me graduate high school, college, and even get married. She's even gotten to be a part of her two great grandchildren's lives. Below is a shot of her with her kids, and one with all her grandkids. She and my Grampa created this big family, full of (self-proclaimed) comedians, business owners, musicians, great cooks, and truly wonderful people. Thanks for being you, Gramma- we love you!